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“Rental” appointments are only possible from Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your understanding.

Victims of our success ! 🙂

Due to a very high demand, please make your “rental” appointment maximum 6 months before your wedding.

Are you looking to rent your wedding outfit for your civil, religious wedding or both?

Queen to be offers you a selection of designer wedding dresses for hire.

In addition, if temporary adjustments are necessary, they will then be proposed to you by our team.

Our “TRIO” package will give you access to the rental of three of our designer accessories.

For example : a fine Italian veil, a designer jewelry and a stole, bolero or cardigan.

Did you know ?


The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world.

The design and production of a wedding dress generates 56kg of co2 equivalent, i.e. 2.5 times around Europe by high-speed train!
Thanks to the rental, a wedding dress will be worn 3 to 10 times, which makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint linked to its manufacture as much as possible, rather than being bought to be worn only once.

Do you imagine yourself in a beautiful wedding dress but your ecological conscience, the harmful effects of overconsumption, your budget or simply your reason are holding you back from buying it?


Queen to be has the solution for you!

Find our unique selection of designer wedding dresses for rent.


Question price, the price is divided by three (or even sometimes more) compared to that of the new designer wedding dress. For example, count between €150 and €850 for a designer wedding dress rented for 4, 8 or 12 days.

Positive points

Act eco-responsibly

Wear a designer wedding dress

Getting very well adviced

significant savings

No waste of time

Farewell to the wedding dress abandoned in the closet indefinitely

Rental procedure


at the latest 3 days before the wedding and up to six months in advance.


Click and collect in our showroom


For 4, 8 or 12 days of your choice.


With an exit inventory


We take care of everything !


Questions fréquemment posées concernant nos locations

Yes, you can rent several outfits from QTB for your civil and/or ceremonial wedding dress.

Many of you praise us for the “civil + ceremony duo” in order to vary the styles and designer outfits on a lower budget.

The most appreciated at Queen to be?

Sets (top/skirt, jumpsuit/jumpsuit, top/trousers) or suits are also available for hire.

At Queen to be, we make every effort to ensure that our rental selection is very qualitative and timeless.

We ensure that our designer wedding dresses (value from 1500 to 3300 euros) are beyond reproach.

We therefore renew our range very regularly in order to satisfy everyone’s tastes, budgets and styles. It is therefore difficult to update a precise list daily so go to the showroom to refine your search and discover your nugget!

A reservation calendar is scrupulously kept up to date in order to develop our rental selection throughout the year.

We are above all a showroom for the sale of designer wedding dresses, so all the styles available for sale among our various designers are offered for rent. All styles but not all dresses of course!

1/ The quality of the fabrics, the solidity of the model, the ease of temporary alterations to be made if necessary as well as the adaptability of the model when going from a smaller or larger size.

2/ The reputation of the creator with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Indeed, the difference between the purchase price and the rental price can go up to 2300€.

3/ The availability of the model according to the wedding date.

The reservation of the selected model for a busy period (date between June and September) is recommended between 6 to 8 months in advance.

In reality, reservations vary from 9 months in advance to a few days for last minute weddings (the selection is often less because there is less choice).

From the moment the desired item is available, you can rent it directly if your wedding is in a few days or for the same day if luck smiles on you. If provisional adjustments are necessary, additional time should be allowed before the rental date.

Our selection of rental wedding dresses contains adaptable models and possibilities of sizes 36 to 48 depending on the models available.

Thanks to the talent of our seamstresses, we can make temporary hems, put on or take off sleeves, reduce your dress (up to 2 or 3 sizes) or enlarge it, as far as possible, in order to adjust it perfectly and temporarily.

The “provisional adjustments” package is available on request directly from the showroom at a cost of 50€ to 80€. Our outfits can only be subject to temporary alterations by us.

– You first make an appointment via our online agenda to carry out your “Rental” fitting at the showroom.

– You find your nugget, you choose the rental period (4, 8 or 12 days), a rental quote is given to you and you make the rental decision for your big day.

– The reservation is then officially validated between the parties when the rental payment is settled and the rental contract signed.

– A rental guarantee or deposit of 200 euros in cash must be returned to the showroom no later than the day of the hand delivery of the wedding dress.

The default rental period is 4 days but a period of 8 or 12 days is available for an additional €40 to €80.

The selected wedding dress will therefore be reserved exclusively for your wedding.

Good news, at Queen to be dry cleaning is included! This avoids the dry cleaning step and the bill that goes with it, more than a hundred euros on average.

1/ We will first ensure the availability of the item for the duration of your stay.

2/ We recommend that you extend the rental period when your wedding takes place abroad in order to enjoy your first days as a married woman without stress!

2/ An increase in the rental deposit will be requested for international travel.

Like Cinderella, you will have to make your designer wedding dress sublime.

When you wear a dress that is not yours, it is certain that the pressure is all the greater not to dirty it or not to damage it.

– Cleaning costs are included in the rental price for normal use of our wedding dresses. This is why cleaning penalties may be charged to you depending on the condition of the dress when it is returned (soiling or significant degradation).

– Leave your wedding dress in the carrying case provided when it is not worn.

– Always put on your wedding dress from the top (arms outstretched): in order to respect the fall of the pattern and not to damage it by putting it on from the bottom while walking on it with your shoes.

– Keep the same height of the heels in order to respect the retouched length and not damage it by walking on it.

– Better to put on the dress first and get your hair done/made up afterwards. If this is not the case, place a textile on your face in order to put it on from above without risking making indelible stains of make-up on the garment.

– Beware of smokers and high heels! A cigarette and stiletto hole unfortunately quickly arrived.

– Beware of traces of deodorant, grass that leaves irrecoverable green stains, traces of colored smoke that do not go away with dry cleaning and wine stains that are difficult to repair.

– Stones embedded in rings cause significant tears or holes in lace or woolens. Remember to turn your rings when you put on your dress.

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