ELSA GARY by Anne becomes Queen to Be!

The time for change has arrived!


Our Brussels showroom “Elsa Gary by Anne”, based on north of the European capital changes its name, logo, asserting its style and displaying its difference.

A more assertive view of things.


Already a great career for our Belgian showroom

Anne is still on commands, with her 9 years of experience with Elsa Gary by Anne as well as in the field of Belgian weddings, now displays her own style.

A clever mix of wedding dress styles: from a modern, chic and quirky look to a bohemian, country look and a bit of vintage. Always adding its little rock’N’Roll touch!

With its own well-established identity, our showroom is recognized throughout Belgium for the quality of its products and its service and still knows how to stand out from its designer competitors.

Many future Belgian brides and wedding providers have told us that the wedding outfits from our shop really have this unique “leg” firmly rooted in them.



A showroom of dresses with a more modern personality

It was time for our bridal studio to play on its differences but also its strengths when it comes to wedding dress style. A more modern, couture and Rock’N’Roll vision of the wedding dress in Belgium.

Diversify our offer by proposing a wider range of talent creators such as Watters, Catherine Deane or Kite and Butterfly. All this while increasing the quality of the services offered which have made us famous in the wedding world.

Belgian brides-to-be are unique and have a very sharp look. To each her own style of flowing wedding dresses and therefore logically to each her own designer.

In Brussels, brides are increasingly looking for originality, finishes and materials of unique quality for their wedding dresses.


Our identity Elsa Gary retained but a wider and more adapted offer.

Queen to Be will always be loyal to its main creator: Elsa Gary. The showroom will fully retain the exclusivity of the Elsa Gary collections throughout Belgium for your greatest pleasure.

Obviously the Elsa Gary wedding dresses from France or Belgium will keep the same spine and will remain the same entity.

It is a question of working our differences in the stylistic approach of the wedding outfit but also in the reception of future brides.

Queen to Be will now welcome other designers from all over the world!


New creators and partners

The demand from our customers has become more varied: materials that are still fluid but more vaporous (more embroidered voile, light tulle), a more festive, original and less formal dress, a more Anglo-Saxon attraction.

Some wedding dress designers have approached us directly thanks to the good reputation of our showroom in recent years. Other creators for whom we had real crushes were added quite naturally.

When you have the chance to meet new talented partners in the world of marriage, beautiful collaborations are organized naturally.


Original accessories

By giving a romantic note to the bride’s outfit (and not only!), Les Couronnes de Victoire offers accessories made from preserved natural flowers.

A method to replace the sap of flowers with biological material so that they are frozen for eternity.

The result is ultra natural and wild without seeing them fade.

Tiaras, crowns, earrings and adornments are available in our pretty boudoir.

The favorite jewels are the beautiful creations of Printemps Paris, the designer Ikita who is still so successful in our boudoir and the great designer Sautoir & Poudrier (who has been spoiling us with her retro-vintage creations at the Brussels showroom for four years).

The small cardigans or stoles of the designer Madame Seguin are still much appreciated at the Belgian showroom.

Handmade Mongolian cashmere, warm, beautiful, rustic and above all with the possibility of putting it back once the wedding is over!



The floral designers

Our wedding dress inspiration shoots and our beautiful brides themselves are blessed with floral creations by the talented Mélanie Pierson of Wild Flower Fairy and Céline Danhaive.

Their creations and wedding bouquets are extraordinary.




Add to that the superb shots of Johanne Molls and Camila Guns, wedding photographer who sublimates your most beautiful moments (wedding, pregnancy and family photos) and captures the natural light in an incredible way.

Between us, it matched right away! And guess who gets to make her beautiful wedding dress? 😉



Video teasers

We must not forget to highlight the wonderful work of Ainsley Mandou, videographer and photographer of Roses & Violettes.

She honored us by making our video teasers.

We have always shared the same atypical vision of the wedding so this beautiful collaboration flows from source.

A woman with an incredible personality who doesn’t spend her time staring at her own navel. (yes yes I dared to say it).



A new name

ELSA GARY by Anne becomes Queen to Be !

This name change is part of a new era for our bridal studio by introducing new personalities into the creations while continuing with Elsa Gary.

You were so many future brides to tell us for 9 years “We come first for your discerning eye and then for the dresses”.

It was therefore time for this change to take place. A new name for a new life!



A new website

Each has its own personality, each has its own style of website. We love to receive your testimonials, your experiences or your wedding photos so much that all of this will be even more highlighted on our new website.


An unchanged guideline

We are who we are and true to ourselves, the quality/price ratio will always be our strong point.

Our price ranges remain the same in order to offer affordable creations and designers of impeccable quality.

We have not yet decided to welcome designers who cost over 3,000 euros per dress because we find this excessive in relation to the quality of the products offered on the current market. This is our philosophy at Queen to be.

All the creations will be available from 1200€ up to a maximum of 2500€.

Elsa Gary by Anne becomes Queen to be by asserting her own identity for our Belgian brides while keeping her guideline.

We can’t wait to present all these beautiful projects to you and give our bridal studio a well-deserved boost.

Long live the novelty and long live our newlyweds!

Do not hesitate to visit our new website, discover our new nuggets and stroll in front of our new collections and make an appointment in our showroom.