Wedding dress : Anne par Elsa Gary

Wedding dress : Anne par Elsa Gary

Wedding date

Le 26 June 2021

Wedding venue

Château de Ruisbroek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Hello Maureen, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement with your fiancé please?

Cyril and I met in July 2013 at a Scout camp.

I was chief and he came to do stewardship on site for 10 days.

Our meeting was a little love at first sight: the alchemy worked directly, we saw each other again 2 days after the camp and we have not left each other since.

We got engaged on November 25, 2018. We are two big fans of good food: so he took me to a gourmet restaurant and he had booked a night in a hotel nearby… That’s when he did his request.


If you had to tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words,
which would it be?

For a souvenir of the wedding, it’s really complicated… Our initial date was May 30, 2020 but with the COVID, we had to postpone twice. We finally got married on June 26, 2021: our third date. Our wedding was kind of the first big event for most of the people who were there (and whose numbers were reduced from the original plan). Suddenly, I have the impression that this day was a little out of time: the happiness of finally meeting, of sharing time together for all these months… And then the 100 people present were really our 100 very close ones who were sincerely happy to be here with us. When I think back to that day: I feel happiness, love… A day out of time, and that’s what many of our guests shared with us afterwards too.


When did you know you had found YOUR dress and what advice would you give to brides-to-be who are still looking for theirs?

For the choice of the dress, it may be very cliché to say that, but it turns out that it was the very first one I tried on.

As a result, I did not immediately realize that it was the right one. I knew I liked her a lot but I couldn’t believe that the first one would be the right one… So it was by going to do other fittings, in other shops and with other models and other styles that I realized that nothing suited me and pleased me more than the first dress. So I came to try it again with my mom and my two witnesses: and everyone agreed… It was that one!

My dress caused a sensation on the day of the wedding: I cannot say the number of people who complimented me and asked me where it came from!

As for advice: I would say that you have to try not to be focused on a model, on a style.

Initially, I did not see myself in a dress of this style.

It was my mom who insisted that I try different styles; and conclusion… she was totally right since nothing suited me better than this magnificent dress which was far from my initial representations!


Do you have any service providers to recommend?

In terms of service providers, we were surrounded by extraordinary people for our wedding.

I particularly remember and recommend: Hortalisa for the flowers and Camila Guns for the photos. These two people are incredibly kind and benevolent but also big names in their respective fields!

In the providers, Anne of Queen to be you join without hesitation this group of exceptional girls!

I have great memories of my few visits to your shop: thank you for your precious advice, your kindness, your benevolence… and for this incredible dress!