Robe de mariée : Garance by Elsa Gary

Wedding date

Le 21 Novembre 2021

Wedding venue

La Maison Basse à Lasne

Hello Laura, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement please?


We are a “modern” couple 😅.


We met on a dating site that does not have the reputation of creating true love. 😅

I say “meet” but it’s not true, we recognized each other.

A crush, a love at first sight, an alchemy, a fusion.

I not only “recognized” the love of my life, I met an amazing single dad and a wonderful beautiful daughter.

A little « Us » very (very very) quickly joined our family.

My husband proposed to me on a winter evening, in front of the TV when we were discussing our role as parents, of the weather, like that…between “what could we eat tomorrow? ” and “what are we watching on TV” he said to me

“Would you agree to become my wife?” 😅



If you had to tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words, what would it be?


If I have to choose a precious memory of the d-day, I choose my preparation.

A magical moment surrounded by my 2 little sisters and my daughter-in-law.

Their eyes were filled with pride and love.

They all 3 helped me put on my dress and were the first to discover me and then take me to my dad’s arm.



When did you know you had found YOUR dress and what advice would you give to brides-to-be who are still looking for theirs?


My Garance… I knew it was MY dress during my very first fitting with my mom. Without even having tried it, I knew it was her (I must even admit that I discovered her before that on the website knowing already that she would be my first try) a crush ❤️


If I had to advise future brides who are still looking for THE dress, their dress, I would advise them, first of all, to trust you Anne, not to have too precise an idea of the dress of their dreams, to listen to each other , to follow her intuition but above all to choose the one in which she feels herself, which remains faithful to what they are…especially not to feel “disguised”. We know that, we feel it as soon as we wear the right one.



Do you have any service providers to recommend?

The providers I recommend are:


– For decoration and flowers: Le Moment/ Julie De ronne


– Wedding planner: Imagine We/ Bénédicte Broquet


– Venue: The Lower House in Lasne


– Caterer: Léonard caterer


– Photographer: Didier Degreffe


– Videographer: Stéphane Saint Rémy


– Groom’s suit: Blandin and Delloye


– Makeup and hairstyle: Tic Tac Bun / Gaëlle Dehaut


And the best for last, THE wedding dress: Queen to be /Anne Crosnier 😊