Wedding dress : Concorde by Elsa Gary

Wedding date

20 July 2021

Hello Hélène, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement with your fiancé please?


Our meeting? Not very glamorous… In the circle of our faculty at UCL!


On the other hand, our engagement, much more romantic: my husband, in the middle of training as a private detective (it’s really true!) organized a fake spinning which led to his marriage proposal 🙂 I didn’t see anything coming, me which nevertheless usually grills all the surprises.



If you had to tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words, what would it be?


Arriving in the church on my dad’s arm… Seeing and being surrounded by the love of all your loved ones during this symbolic moment of passing from the first man in my life to the second… Really super intense!



When did you know you had found YOUR dress and what advice would you give to brides-to-be who are still looking for theirs?


I had the chance to have a real crush on a dress that I discovered on the Belgian site Queen to be and that suited me very well! Difficult therefore to give advice, because I did not look for very long


So, I would just say: listen to yourself. Even if the witnesses / mom present are of good advice, the most important thing is to feel good yourself in the dress 🙂



Do you have any service providers to recommend?


Elsa Gary by Anne (Now Queen to be), without a doubt, for the dress 😉


Anne, you are really great.


For the day as such, we were delighted with the caterer (and the room) of RN (Restauration Nouvelle). We are still told about the meal (delicious), they are super flexible, super friendly, super professional…


A nod to our photographer, Denis Erroyaux, and our videographer, Michael Antoine, who both did an exceptional job!