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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find several questions asked to the showroom, on social networks, or by message.

How to ?

First, you must fix an appointment.

Prefer making an appointment via our online agenda located on the “Rendez-vous” page or the contact form. The phone is not our best friend because impractical to handle during dress fittings.

Fittings are by appointments only.

It requires time indeed as well as investment and availibility from professionals ready to welcome you in a very personalized way. Our staff at Queen to be is extremely versatile and takes care of your fittings as well as customer relations, sewing, adjustments and alterations to your precious items.

When to make an appointment?

The first fitting of your wedding dress should be an intimate, privileged and unique moment.

A word of advice: do like the vast majority of future brides! So take the time to enjoy this moment and release a magical moment in your week.

We are aware that you probably work from Monday to Friday but be sure that like everyone else we also work a lot during the week.

Weekend appointments are rare and often booked well in advance.

What are the deadlines for fittings and ordering?

At Queen to be, we like : quality, know-how, professional investment, artisanal and personalized work.


An appointment between 10 and 12 months before your wedding is a perfect timeframe for a first visit.


The wedding dresses of all our designers are handmade and made to order. In addition, be aware that it takes at least 6 to 8 months for all our overseas designers (USA, Australia). So it takes time. Allow 6 to 8 months minimum for the production process.


A word of advice: Better to go too early than too late!

How long does the first meeting last?

A first appointment lasts on average 1 hour.

Who can accompany me?

Be careful not to come with all your fan club: you can come accompanied by a maximum of 3 people.

Beyond three accompanying persons, our work is becoming very difficult: opinions will inevitably be divided, unfortunately not always objective and this risks disturbing you in search for your precious dress.

A word of advice: Favor your mother, your sister or your best friend who will be able to guide you by respecting who you are without projecting themselves in your place and not trying to disguise you.

What if I'm late ordering a dress?

it may happen that slots become available in our creation schedule along the way or that a creator accepts a last minute order. Good news, a last minute order can therefore be possible!

A word of advice: try your luck no matter what and contact us, you have nothing to lose (but everything to gain on the contrary)!

Dress customization, that is?

Designers Angeola and Elsa Gary models are made in semi-measurement for each bride, so we can customize your wedding outfit (according to certain technical limits of course).

For example, the dress you like doesn’t have the sleeves you dream of: we can make that wish come true… If you don’t like a little detail on the dress, there’s no problem. We can remove it so that the dress looks like you as much as possible! You also have the possibility to choose according to certain fabrics.

The models of our other designers made on demand in ready to wear (Watters, Rembo Styling, Madi Lane, etc.) are adjustable to a lesser extent and at an additional cost : bring sleeves to a model, hollow out a back, put buttons or remove some strass are alterations that can be made on request by our Queen to be sewing workshop.

The day of the appointment

Once the appointment is made, you arrive at the showroom: you can be accompanied by two people: your mother, your sister or your friend for example.

A word of advice: take someone who is caring and who knows you very well!

We can lend you shoes for the fitting but you can come with skin-colored cups, a strapless bra if you like bare backs.

You have of course looked carefully at our website so do not hesitate to mention some designers or models that have caught your attention. This will serve as a starting point to then evolve according to your tastes and your silhouette.

During this fitting we will pass you the dresses that will please you and above all suit you!

Don’t forget that we are also here to help and advise you as best we can.

Unfortunately, we cannot always have the “ideal” size for your morphology directly in store.

These are exhibition models with relatively standard sizes because all our wedding dresses are handmade on demand for each client. But don’t worry, we are pin professionals and have several sizes so you can best see how your dress will fall on you on your big day.

What are the rules to follow ?

Our profession is a real passion and we practice it with all our heart.

Above all, if you can’t come to an appointment, let us know! Some will be delighted to have the slot for your appointment, especially if it is on weekends or at the end of the day…
We do not allow photos for multiple reasons so do not insist.
At the end of the fitting we will give you an estimate of the models you liked.
We are perfectly aware that you may need time to think, to visit some other places if necessary but do not forget that our production is on demand. The production times of the creators are substantial and when our quota is reached and our creation schedule filled, we can no longer take orders.
Having the orders as soon as possible allows us to better manage the production, to receive your wedding dress on time by reducing any possible stress of delay and to take more time with you for your fittings.

HOW DOES THE "FITTING alteration appointment" TAKE PLACE?

You have ordered your dress and you are coming for the first fitting of your real dress.
Above all, don’t forget to bring your final wedding shoes. If you don’t have the right lingerie that day, don’t panic! We have all the specialized wedding lingerie for sale at your disposal in the showroom (Back to Glam). We ask you not to be accompanied yet in the first place.

Your dress is not yet finalized, alterations will still have to be made, the dress will not yet fully correspond to the final rendering so we prefer to do it in a small committee with the main concerned. This will only make the final fitting with your loved ones more fantastic, believe us!


From our experience, we know that every bride is looking for the perfect accessories for the style of wedding dress chosen. This service is offered because we have noticed that generally time is running out during fittings to find what perfectly matches their outfit. You now have time to do it serenely!

This appointment, lasting around 30 minutes, is offered to all Queen to be brides, but not only! Indeed, any bride can make an appointment in our showroom to discover our accessories such as designer jewelry, flower crowns, cardigans, veils, etc.

A word of advice: it is better to make an appointment before your “adjustment” fitting so that all the accessories can be available for the fitting of your wedding dress.


The final fitting will be fixed by us, approximately 5 weeks before your wedding for a question of insurance.

Please clear your purchases before this deadline and bring back your wedding shoes so that all checks are possible. A cover will be provided to you as well as valuable maintenance advice and good dry-cleaning address, for example.



Help ?

Contact us !

Watters, créatrice de robes de mariée chez Queen to be