Wedding dress : Top Cassis & skirt by Elsa Gary

Wedding date

18 Juin 2021

Wedding venue

Hello Coralie, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement.

As the years go by, I tell myself even more that in the end there is no chance… Because in a lifetime, we have several of them, I met Didier at my first marriage. Time passed and with it a divorce, to finally see each other again at an evening “the 50th anniversary of Clair Vivre” (my school where I taught), where the first sentence that passed me was to say a “you stink of sex Mr X”. And There you go … 🙂


Our wedding, finally, was not really planned, not really wanted, but in the end a radical change of life and we lent ourselves to the game of “Long live the bride and groom”. I had sworn a lot of things to myself after my divorce, but I like the idea that life gives me memories that I didn’t expect.


And what happiness, not always wanting to plan everything in advance, to frame every moment of your life to the millimeter, so no pompous request, a simple “ok why not”.



Tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words

I find this question difficult, I don’t have a precious memory because this day in itself is my precious memory, but let’s say as we decided to leave BXL for a new life far from the hustle and bustle of the city, we decided to make a photo shoot through our favorite places in our capital, passing by the mont des arts, the sablon, the central station, our tattoo artist… A good moment just for the two of us, where we lent ourselves to the game of languid looks , kisses and poses… to end up barefoot and on fire walking along the royal palace because let it be said, the pumps are superb but WTF it hurts your feet especially on the cobblestones of our capital !



When did you know you had found YOUR dress and what advice would you give to brides-to-be who are still looking for theirs?

After having tried several dresses, all beautiful in themselves but which lacked in my eyes this little thing that would have made my eyes sparkle. I knew that I had found the dress that suited me, because I said to myself that in this one, I felt: woman, sexy and sparkling, much more sure of myself and of my choices than at my 24 year.


For advice: Do not always ask yourself too many questions, that you should not be closed to one type of dress, and as the beautiful fairy tales say: “you can always find your own dress”, just like “shoe at his feet”.



Have you any service providers to recommend?

For my bouquet and the crown, I decided to avoid flowers that fade and remain very ephemeral for a bouquet that lasts over time and why not that it can decorate an interior.


Pollen Atelier (in Brussels): dried flowers


ps: the dried thistles on the crown it stings, to avoid 😉


A fantastic and nicer photographer: Cédric Demeester “Pixced” for the record, I met him at my first shoot when I was pregnant with my son and his wife was also pregnant and we had the same gynecologist… coincidence or not


Osiam in Evere: a very good private spa, perfect for lounging after a little stress at the town hall and a photo shoot 😉