Catherine Deane

Born in Ireland and raised in South Africa, Catherine Deane was inspired by her life in London and Hong Kong.
Her creations, directly created and manufactured in London since 2005, take on a real cultural dimension in reference to her nomadic way of life and her long-standing passion for forgotten craft techniques.
The use of traditional techniques with a modern and romantic design form the basis of Catherine’s work.
Her style is imbued with poetry, glamor and English chic.
For a typically Anglo-Saxon refined and feminine approach to the wedding dress.
Her real strength is the sublime materials that make up her creations and the association of seductive little tops, subtle skirts and chic pants allowing the bride to create her own look. And to reuse these precious pieces in everyday life.
The juxtaposition of noble fabrics plays an important role in the aesthetics of Catherine Deane’s creations. Between premium English textiles and delicate silhouettes, between strength and fragility, old meets new.
There is a constant balance in everything that Catherine Deane creates, to which is added a real eco-responsible commitment.
As a fashion house whose main inspiration comes from nature, Catherine Deane is particularly aware of the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the environment.
A series of measures have been introduced for the production of her wedding dresses intended to protect the environment: use of eco-fibers, choice of quality fabrics respecting the strictest environmental standards, sewing threads, fabrics for recycled linings and labels made from recycled paper.