Wedding dress : Céline by Elsa Gary

Wedding date

21 Août 2021

Hello Caroline, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement.

We had already known each other for more than 10 years, through our professions. Our relationship was strictly professional. We had a lot of respect for each other, but that was it. One day, during a conversation, through a look, in the space of an instant, love literally fell on us. We have to believe that at that time in our lives, the conditions were right for us to surrender to each other.
There was no engagement. We didn’t feel the need to go through that. Marriage quickly became obvious. The idea came naturally during a conversation and we let our intuition guide us. It’s a bit what characterizes our relationship. We are not the type to ask ourselves a thousand questions. It has worked for us so far.



Tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words

The whole day is a wonderful memory. We had the most beautiful day of August and it was the first party since the start of the pandemic for the guests. Everyone had their hearts set on celebrating.
The ceremony, outside, at the edge of the pond, among the trees, was a suspended moment. There was a lot, a lot of emotion, and the testimonies of our witnesses really touched our hearts.
The dance party was a great success too, thanks to our DJ who set it on fire! The track was not empty until very late at night. I never left the dance floor except to put my kids to bed.



When did you know you had found YOUR dress ?

Anne had identified my tastes well and it was therefore for the 2nd dress that I tried that I fell in love. In barely 30 minutes, the choice was made! I immediately felt good in this dress. Many guests have told me that she looks like me.



What advice would you give to future brides who are still looking for theirs ?

Do not scatter and follow your intuition. It is above all to you that the dress must please.



Do you have any service providers to recommend ?

Yes! If we had to start over, we would do everything exactly the same! We were lucky to be surrounded by very nice people.
Location : La Ferme de Balingue. Lauren and Luis Marcy are unparalleled in their professionalism, and this place is idyllic. We fell in love with this place. We didn’t visit any other.
Flower Decoration : Essence of Shade. Celine is simply wonderful. She has a lot of talent. She understood our expectations very well and the result was splendid!
Secular ceremony, coordination : Love & Tralala. Elodie has a real gift for this. Everyone was captivated by the ceremony, and on our side, we didn’t have to worry about anything on D-Day.
Stationery : Nuance Infuse. Loranne is a huge favorite. I was immediately seduced by the delicacy of his universe. She understood exactly what we were looking for, and she even did a thousand times better than we had imagined.
Photography : Jehanne Moll. It’s a pearl! Sweet, caring and oh so talented, it was a pleasure to have her by our side throughout the day. We were very lucky because not long ago she decided to no longer do weddings.
Videographer : Capture Studio. Jérôme immediately tamed us, and vice versa. Benevolence and humanity characterize him. He concocted a sublime video for us that brought tears to the whole family.
Catering : Great. We were blown away, from start to finish, especially since we hadn’t been able to taste the dishes beforehand, due to Covid. The staff was incredibly kind and very attentive.
DJ : Bineta Saware. She exudes incredible energy! She set the mood right from the start, so all generations were on the floor immediately after the first dance. It was beautiful and so cheerful!
Dress : QUEEN TO BE! Anne immediately grasped what I was looking for. I didn’t feel the need to go see other showrooms. Her attentiveness and her professionalism allowed me to have the dress that suited me perfectly. Go to his very beautiful showroom without hesitation! A real nugget as if secretly hidden within a magnificent stylish residence in Laeken: Freshness and good taste, decor, elegance, plant walls, jewelry creations and Anne’s personality make it a truly exceptional place. We feel good and so well accompanied in this beautiful find.