Wedding dress : Anne by Elsa Gary

Wedding date

24 Août 2019

Hello Camila, tell us briefly about your meeting and your engagement please ?

We met at school through my best friend. I flashed a photo of him and contacted him directly via Facebook.

We discussed and then it directly stuck between us and here we are parents today. 🙂

On Christmas Eve morning, I was baking cupcakes for the party.

In kitchen clothes not very sexy ahaha 🙂

He then came behind me, when I was putting the dough into the molds to ask for my hand.

I replied “not now, you can see I’m cooking” ahaha and then of course I said yes 🙂



If you had to tell us a precious memory of your wedding in a few words, what would it be ?

The weather was superb on JJ, with a beautiful ceremony outside by the pond. My brother gave a wonderful speech that really set the mood and made everyone cry. The morning of the wedding, he picked up my bouquet from the florist. In the car, there was the music of “My beautiful brother” by Black M which he discovered at the same time and which stuck so well with what we were going through, so he integrated it into his speech. which was fabulous.



When did you know you had found YOUR dress ?

Directly after our meeting with Anne at the wedding fair.

Anne: You have magical hands and incredible eyes, you are an expert at finding what we need!

I could only trust you !



What advice would you give to future brides who are still looking for theirs ?

Let Anne and her team guide you!

You will be between

good hands and you will find exactly what suits you and you


This pretty “Queen to be” boudoir is a real paradise.


Do you have any service providers to recommend ?

You Anne, of course!

My colleague, friend, photographer : Lilo Oiseaux Photographies

who captured this day perfectly!