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Blazers - Trousers

Looking for your precious outfit but don’t feel like yourself in dress.
Queen to be offers you a different and flexible formula.

Create your own exceptional bridal look with our original and bold pieces.

You are at the good place! You will find here an outfit offer that you can put together according to your desires.

Elaborate your bridal style with our selection of blazers, tops, and trousers.


Several pieces and hundreds of possibilities to make your composition as versatile as it is elegant.

Your unique and customizable set is certainly among our Queen to be selection.

"It starts with an idea, a desire, and becomes your creation, your composition"

Tailleurs - Blazer, Pantalons - Trousers Aurelia, par Catherine Deane


is the only beauty

that never fades

When THE bridal dress is not really an ideal for your wedding (civil or religious), when it does not look like you or when you are simply looking to stand out, to think outside the box…. The blazer – trouser set is made for you.


Getting married in pants, blazer and skirt or in a blazer, pants is an original, sophisticated and modern option to the wedding dress.

Classic blazer – trouser version, high waist, loose fit, tapered shape, 3/4 cut,… there’s something for everyone!


Singular and innovative without being too offbeat, these wedding outfits are made of noble materials such as crepe, silk, muslin or satin.


The white dress always turns the heads of future brides but the pants are also very popular in recent years.


Comfort, practical, modern and chic, it can be worn in all seasons and has the immense advantage of being suitable for all body types.

Combined with a top or crop top, a blouse (see Mix & match Catherine Deane) and/or a blazer, this daring and modern set promises you an ultra-stylish look.

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