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To complete your wedding dress, let the Queen to be team help you find the accessories that perfectly match your dress. Don’t forget, ladies, that it will be these accessories that will make all the difference and bring an even more personal shine to your dress. Indeed, each accessory will allow you to assert your personality and your own style.

The accessorization of your precious wedding dress is usually done at the same time than the order of this one, or at the latest at the time of the adjustments.

Discover our little treasures: our magnificent crowns and head jewelry in preserved natural flowers, our special bridal invisible lingerie (Back to Glam), our precious Italian veils, our stoles and cardigans, as well as our wedding jewelry from various designers such as our back necklace!



The only comfortable and totally invisible backless bra that enhances all breasts from cup A to G while providing flawless support and security.
A whole range of essential complementary underwear products is available at the showroom:
Special sheathing panty with a low-cut bare back that beautifully sculpts the silhouette.
Boxer or thong without seams and skin color, perfect for your wedding dress because they do not roll!

Séparateur Queen to be


head jewelry

Les Couronnes de Victoire, bijoux de tête pour votre robe de mariée Queen to be
English Garden, bijoux de tête pour votre robe de mariée Queen to be

Discover these superb creations of head jewelry, natural floral pieces (Les Couronnes de Victoire) or artificial and elegant gypsies (English Garden) in our showroom. You will find a selection of crowns, combs, tiaras or double tiaras, headbands and barrettes.
Special mention for the timeless floral accessories of Les Couronnes de Victoire. They are made from real natural flowers stabilized using a natural biological process that freezes them while maintaining their flexibility.

Séparateur Queen to be
Bouquet Nami de chez Couronnes de Victoire, dans notre showroom Queen to be


wedding veils

Enhance your wedding dress by bringing a delicate veil that will sublimate your outfit.
At Queen to be we offer you precious Italian veils or silk tulle considered the most qualitative and modern veils for a today’s bride who is good about herself!
You will find real veils from craftsmen or designers associated with all the styles of our wedding dresses.
Farewell to the stiff tulle of tutus and the traditional meringue effect on the head. Single or double veil with a modern finish or without garment festoon? More timeless with a pretty finish in fine lace or embroidery? A short, mid-length or long veil?
Small confession: at Queen to be, we particularly love to receive your pretty pictures of your gown with the fall of the Italian veil. Magical and timeless.

Séparateur Queen to be
Voile de mariage par Watters, dans notre showroom Queen to be de Bruxelles



Queen to be offers the future bride and her suite sophisticated and original jewelery creations made by hand by talented designers.
Les Couronnes de Victoire, So Hélo, Sautoir & Poudrier, Ikita and many other designer jewels await you at the showroom.
Back necklaces, pendants, pearls, stabilized flower earrings, bracelets or cuffs will highlight your femininity and perfectly accessorize your precious outfit on D-Day.
So that each woman awakens her “Queen to be” who sleeps thanks to these magnificent jewels.

Séparateur Queen to be
Boucles d'oreilles Nausicaa des Couronnes de Victoire au Showroom Queen to be


cardigans & stoles

Logo Madame Seguin chez Queen to be

Add a touch of warmth, comfort and modernity with our cardigans, boleros, stoles or capes from different designers that will harmoniously complement your wedding dress.
Whether they are in fine wool, cashmere, pure cotton or lace, they will cover your neck, your shoulders or your arms to keep you warm in cool weather. For a modern look with a pretty loose jumper, bobo chic with a delicately draped stole or a more fitted cardigan stopping at the waist and leaving the back neckline of your wedding outfit free, for example.
Ladies, this is the accessory not to be underestimated in Belgium!

It is a must in our region.

Séparateur Queen to be
Antigone de Madame Seguin, Cardigan du showroom Queen to be